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About Universal Changing Tables

Why are adult size changing tables so important? What features do they offer? Changing Spaces Advocate Christina Abernethy demonstrates the features of a height-adjustable adult size changing table.

Features To Look For

Features To Look For When Purchasing

A Universal Changing Table


Changing Spaces Advocates do not specifically recommend any one changing table. However we do recommend choosing one that meets the safety requirements outlined by the International Code Council in the International Building Code section A117.1, "Adult Changing Stations."

Must-Have Features


Is a Fixed-Height Table OK?​

A fixed-height table will not be accessible to everyone. If the table is mounted too high, then anyone who must be lifted onto the table will not be able to access it, since they may be too heavy for their caregiver to lift up. If the table is too low, it will be easier for transfers, but caregivers will be much more likely too become injured by bending over to care for their loved-one.

Recommended Changing Tables

What Is Available On The Market?

We have listed some here to be a resource to you. New products are always coming on the market. Please do your own research and compare products before you decide which is best for your space.

All of the tables listed here are powered, height-adjustable tables as this is the safest and most accessible to everyone, no matter their size or level of mobility.

Ropox Shower/Changing Bed

Wall-Mounted Folding Table

Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 2.24.52 PM.png

Armedica Hi-Lo Changing Table

Freestanding Table

Armedia Hi Lo Changing table

Pressalit 2000 / 2100

Wall-Mounted Fold-Up Table


Pressalit 3000

Wall-Mounted Fold-Up Table

Pressalit 3000 universal changing table

Pressalit 1000 Changing Table

Wall-Mounted Fold-Up Table

Pressalit 1000 Changing table

Smirthwaite Hi-Riser Changing Bench

Wall-Mounted Fold-Up Table


Pressalit Versa-Max Public Restroom Changing Table

Wall-Mounted Fold Up Table


Koala Care KB3000-AHL Adjustable Height Changing Station 

Wall-Mounted Fold Up Table


Astor Bannerman Invincible Robust Height Adjustable Changing Table

Wall-Mounted Fold Up Table

Astor Bannerman Invincible Robist height adjustable changing table

Open Base Power Changing Table

Freestanding Mobile Table

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 2.13.20 PM.png

Smirthwaite Mobi Changer

Freestanding Mobile Table

Smirthwaite Mobi Changer Changing table

Smirthwaite Easi-Lift Shower Stretcher

Wall-Mounted Fold Up Table


Can Dan Mobile Power Height Adjustable Change Table

Freestanding Mobile Table

Screen Shot 2022-12-18 at 9.44_edited.jpg

Everway4all Changing Table

Freestanding Mobile Table


Southside Occupational Academy in Chicago
Installs A Powered, Height-Adjustable Changing Table for Their Students 

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