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New Advocate Training Course

Become a knowledgeable and effective advocate by taking this 20 minute course. 

Resources for Advocates

Get ready to make a difference!

Advocacy Packet

A downloadable packet that you can print and take in person while advocating. You can also email it to spread awareness.

Advocacy Flyer to Give to Businesses and Local Governments

A colorful flyer you can hand out or email to your local businesses and local leaders. 

High-color version

Less-color version

Sample Letter to Send to Local Businesses

A formal letter with examples of height-adjustable universal changing tables for their reference. 

Sample Letter to Send to Your Government Representative

A formal letter explaining the problem and asking for support with drafting and introducing legislation.

Adult Changing Table Comparison Flyer

A eye catching flyer that shows different styles of adult changing tables with pricing

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