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New Advocate Training Course

Become a knowledgeable and effective advocate by taking this 20 minute course. 

Resources for Advocates

Get ready to make a difference!

Advocacy Packet

A downloadable packet that you can print and take in person while advocating. You can also email it to spread awareness.

Advocacy Flyer to Give to Businesses and Local Governments

A colorful flyer you can hand out or email to your local businesses and local leaders. 

High-color version

Less-color version

Sample Letter to Send to Local Businesses

A formal letter with examples of height-adjustable universal changing tables for their reference. 

Sample Letter to Send to Your Government Representative

A formal letter explaining the problem and asking for support with drafting and introducing legislation.

Adult Changing Table Comparison Flyer

A eye catching flyer that shows different styles of adult changing tables with pricing

Sample Emails

Customize any of these emails and send them to places in your community

Sample Email 1: Shopping mall

Dear (insert name), 

I am a mom to a 9 year old boy who has special needs. We live in the XYZ area and would like to visit XYZ mall more often. However, there is a problem. Polaris mall does not have a private, clean & dignified place to change the diaper of anyone older than the age of 2. Many places like malls, airports, parks and community centers have begun installing adult size/universal changing tables so that everyone will be able to come to their place of business and know that they will be able to meet their personal restroom needs while there. In fact, having a universal changing table will soon be a part of the International building code for many large assembly and mercantile locations. 

I would like to speak with you more about the possibility of installing a universal size changing table at XYZ mall. Could you meet with me next week? I am available Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons next week. 


I have attached some information about universal changing tables to this email for you to have a look at. 



(your name)

(your contact information)

Sample Email 2: Grocery Store

Dear store manager for Kroger marketplace Lewis Center, 

My name is (your name) and I am a parent to a 10 year old girl who has multiple disabilities.  We live in (town name).

Because of my daughter's disabilities, typical restrooms are not inclusive to her needs. She needs to use diapers, and will for the rest of her life. When we come to Kroger, there is usually no good place to change her diaper. She is 10 now and weighs 70 lbs. She outgrew baby changing tables long ago. 


I am also an advocate with the Changing Spaces Campaign. My goal is to advocate for height-adjustable adult-size changing tables to be installed in public restrooms so that individuals with disabilities, injuries, or medical conditions that render them incontinent have a safe, clean, private and dignified place to change undergarments or diapers when out in society. 


Many people in our situation resort to laying their loved one on the dirty restroom floor to change their diaper. This is unsanitary, undignified, and unsafe. Without proper accommodation, people either have to choose to be changed in these conditions, and be exposed to others passing by, or just stay home in seclusion. Children and adults like my daughter need a universal changing table to meet their needs when we come to Kroger. 

Here is a great video to help you understand this problem that many people with disabilties face: 

Chrissy & Elaina’s story:


A universal changing table is so much more inclusive and accessible compared to a baby changing table. Babies, toddlers, older children, and adults can utilize them.  Here is some more information about universal changing tables.

I would be glad to speak to you more about this any time. 


(your name)

(your contact information)

Sample Email 3: Request for Reasonable Accommodation at an event

Dear Ms. Anderson, 

I am requesting a private, wheelchair accessible room with an adult size changing surface where I can provide personal care and diapering to my son who has disabilities during the Powell Festival June 23 and 24. This will accommodate older children and adults who experience incontinence due to a developmental disability or medical condition and need a private, safe and dignified changing room where they can address personal hygiene needs. I am requesting reasonable accommodation as outlined under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

I am requesting this changing room with adult size changing table also be made available to members of the public who need this accommodation. Signage conspicuously displayed near the public restrooms, directing individuals how to gain access to this changing table would also be necessary. I am requesting the changing table surface be wipeable (for hygiene), non-porous, support at least 350 lbs, and be at least 70’’ in length and 26 inches in width, and the changing surface be set up between 24-36’’ from the ground.


You can learn more about providing accessible and inclusive restrooms for our community at .


(your name)

(your contact information)

Sample Email 4: To City Council

Dear Mayor, Vice Mayor, and Council members,

My name is (name) and I am an adult with a disability. I am reaching out to you to inform you of an accessibility issue in our city. 

Due to my medical conditions, I cannot walk and I also need to use diapers. My medical conditions also affect my motor skills and I do not have the strength and coordination to use a typical restroom. I need a universal changing table. I outgrew baby changing tables long ago, and there are almost no safe, private, clean places to take care of my personal restroom needs when I am away from home. This severely limits my experiences in my community. Many people in my situation end up having no choice but to be laid on the dirty restroom floor by their caregiver to change their diaper. Others will use the trunk of their car. Both these options do not offer the disabled individual any privacy or dignity. 

I joined the Changing Spaces campaign - a national group of volunteers- earlier this year. We advocate for height-adjustable adult size changing tables (also called universal changing tables) to be installed in public bathrooms. This affords individuals who rely on protective undergarments a safe place to change, and gives them more freedom to explore their communities.  I have attached the flyer I created and am using to spread awareness of this issue.

I would like to be able to explore the parks, libraries, etc. in our town with peace of mind, knowing the public restrooms will be all-inclusive, and use universally-designed equipment.I would like to see our town become a leader in our state for inclusion by installing height-adjustable changing tables in family restrooms in parks and our public assembly spaces. 

I would love to speak on the phone about my efforts to make our town more inclusive. Please let me know when I can speak with you about this. 


(your name)

(your contact information)

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