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Installing a Universal Changing Station
In Your Business or Community

What You Need To Know

Where Do I Start?

Best Practices

To be sure the changing table you install is accessible to anyone, regardless of their height, weight, or level of mobility, look for these features:

Where should I install the table?

Family/Companion Care Restroom 

The best location is inside a a single-use restroom, sometimes called a companion care, assisted care, or family bathroom. This allows caregivers to assist their loved one inside the bathroom, even if they are not the same gender. In brand new buildings, be sure to consult with your architect to build in room in the family restroom for the changing table. 

Men's or Women's Restroom 

If there is no family restroom available, the changing table can be placed in either the men's or women's room, as long as privacy is provided, such as installing a lock on the main door to the bathroom, so it can be locked while the changing table is in use. In this case additional signage should be installed that signifies that persons of the opposite gender are allowed to enter the restroom to assist the disabled individual. 

Will My Business Benefit?

Short answer: YES. You will see your customer base broaden to include a section of our population that often is forgotten: individuals with medical needs and disabilities. Installing a universal changing table will show that you are committed to inclusion and welcoming everyone in to your business, regardless of their medical conditions. The doors will be open to the individual as well and their family and friends to become new patrons to your business. 

Did you know...

"Persons with disabilities represent a significant portion of the consumer market. The U.S. Office of Disability Employment Policy categorizes personswith disabilities as the third-largest market segment in the U.S., after Hispanics and African-Americans. This market expands when family members, caregivers and others who prioritize goods and services that are inclusive of persons with disabilities are counted.

A study by the American Institutes for Research (April 2018) reveals that the total after-tax disposable income for working-age persons with disabilities is about $490 billion (compared with $582 billion for Hispanics and $501 billion for African Americans.)" -   -2018 Study by Accenture Research 

Read more about the advantages to inclusion here.

Tax Advantages:

By removing this barrier, your business may qualify for special tax incentives! Visit

to learn more. 

Example Restroom Photos

Example Restrooms

Photos courtesy of Perth International Airport, Cincinnati International Aiport, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Restroom Layouts

Consider The Layout

When planning the ideal place to install the universal changing table, make sure you have the following elements:

  • Privacy

  • Enough space for a wheelchair to turn around, and space for a caregiver 

  • A sink, toilet, waste receptacle, and wall hook

  • Optional ceiling track hoist or mobile hoist to help with transfers 

More Sample Layouts

Lift systems

Lift Systems

Incorporating a lift system into your accessible and inclusive restroom will allow safe transfers for individuals who are unable to move themselves from their mobility device onto the changing table or commode. Individuals cannot always rely on their caregivers to lift them from their wheelchair. Solo-lifting an adult is inadvisable as it is unsafe for the individual and their caregiver. Providing a lift will provide a safe way to transfer and will cut down on falls and injuries caused by lifting too much weight.


Photos provided by SureHands Lift Systems

Ceiling track systems are easy to use and save space inside the room. 

Freestanding lifts are another option if the cieling track is not feasible for your room.

Lift Vendors:

SureHands Lift Systems 



Cieling track lift 


Cieling track lift 


Freestanding mobile lift

Avoid These Pitfalls

Avoid These Pitfalls


Signage is often overlooked but its an essential element! Without signage, people will not be able to locate the changing table. Make sure you have signage in the following places:​ 

At Building Entrance and at Map Kiosks

Mall kiosk map
Building directory

At the Restroom Door

Companion care restroom sign witth adult changing table
Companion care restroom sign with adult changing table Gila river arena
Companion care restroom sign with adult changing table

Changing Table Operational Instructions 

Astor Bannerman invincible changing table use instructions
Changing table use instructions

Display Location(s) On Your Building/ Campus/Park Map

LAX airport map showing location of adult changing table
Map of Nationwide Childrens hospital showing adult changing table locations

Display Location(s) On Your Website With Photos 

Cincinnati airport website shows adult changing table in a family restroom

Other Signage 

Sign attendant of the opposite seex may accompany disabled person

Upon first learning about this important equipment, one concern that usually springs to mind is the potential for vandalism. While most places that have already installed a universal changing table have not experienced vandalism, you can consider the following ideas. Keep in mind that family restroom doors should be kept unlocked when not in use and be accessible to the public.

Key Code to Unlock the Changing Table Controls

At MercyOne Des Moines Medical Center, the controls for the adult changing table are kept inside a locked box. There is a keypad located next to the box. Visitors can unlock the controls with the code. 

Changing Table with lock_edited.jpg
Companion changing room sign.jpg

Key Code to Enter the Room 

IF the adult changing station is located in a separate room other than the family bathroom, such as a special companion care restroom, consider this idea. At Houston Hobby airport, the phone number to airport customer service is located outside the room. The door is kept locked. The door is equipped with a keypad on the door handle. When visitors call the phone number, they will be given the code to unlock the door. The code is changed periodically.  

Note: Individuals who need this equipment already face many barriers, and a locked door is another barrier to an easy and independent experience. Please only put this barrier in place if there are legitimate security concerns for the room and/or equipment and you can ensure a staff member will always be available to immediately give access to this room during all hours your facility is open.

Mobile Changing Stations

Mobile Changing Stations

For outdoor festivals, fairs, and community events, a mobile changing station is the perfect solution. Participants who cannot use a portable toilet due to their disabilities will be relieved to see an accessible place to address their restroom needs.

An Innovative Solution Created by Momentum Innovative Disability Services

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