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Personal Stories About Restroom Access

boy standing next to adult chanigng table Omni max

Inclusion At The Park

Ethan is happy to have equal restroom access at the restroom at Miracle League baseball field in Cranberry township, PA. 

Ella Has A Safe Place To Change

Ella enjoys the adult changing station at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

family with daughter in wheelchair
Girl in wheelchair sits next to universal changing table pressalit 3000
boy lays on restroom floor because he is too big to fit on a baby changing table

A local community comes together to install an adult sized changing table so the Bynum’s can attend church as a family.

Time Together As A Family, 
Thanks To Universal Design

Getting Our Loved Ones Off the Floor

Charlie deserves a clean and dignified place to attend to his toileting needs. It is inhumane and undignified to lay our loved ones on dirty public bathroom floors.

Boy with disabilties sits in wheelchair next to Armedica hi lo changing table

A Place to Change After Speech Therapy

Now Aiden's mom can take care of his restroom needs in a private place after speech therapy.

mom and son hold up signs advocating for adult changing tables

Ty and His Mom Kisha Spread Awareness

Ty does not want to lay on the bathroom floor to be changed. Unfortunately, this is the reality without an adult-sized changing table available.

Universal Changing Tables Serve People of All Ages

Charlie and his grandmother both have medical conditions that require protective undergarments. People of all ages and diagnoses have this need. 

boy lays in minivan trunk
grandparents and grandson in wheelchair

Changing With No Privacy 

Without universal changing tables, families are left changing their loved ones in the back of their vehicles in public view. This is another example of the difficulties so many families face without an inclusive and accessible restroom.

young man lays on adult changing table

Matthew Enjoys Summerfest

Thanks to his mom's advocacy, Matthew and other individuals with disabilities have a safe and private place to care for their restroom needs while attending concerts at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

dirty restroom floor next to toilet

What if Laying on the Bathroom Floor Was
Your Only Option?

Without a universal changing table, this is the REALITY for countless individuals with disabilities. NO human being should ever have to lay on a germ-infested bathroom floor.

boy with disabilities lays on baby changing table but is too tall to fit

Baby Changing Tables Do NOT Meet the Needs of All

Baby changing tables are for BABIES. Older children and adults with disabilities quickly surpass the weight limit of baby changing tables, making it very unsafe for them to use.

boy in wheelchair and his dad next to adult changing table Smirthwaite hi riser changing bench

 Charlie Enjoys The Zoo

mother struggles physically to help her disabled adult son to change incontinence products in the back of minivan

Charlie’s parents, approached Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa about installing a height-adjustable adult sized changing table. After learning about the benefits of a universally designed changing table, the zoo agreed to install one. Now Charlie can stay all day and enjoy the zoo with his family.

girl has to be changed in the back of minivan because she has outgrown baby changing tables

Changing In The Car In Public View

Changing our loved ones in the back of vehicles in public view is degrading and causes many risks for injuries. 

Southside Occupational Academy in Chicago
Installs A Powered, Height-Adjustable Changing Table for Their Students 

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