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Georgia Chapter


The Georgia Chapter of the Changing Spaces Campaign is led by Advocates and Co-Founders Kisha Smith and Candice Aaron. 

Contact us to join our advocacy efforts in Georgia! 


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The Georgia Chapter is led by advocates Kisha Smith and Candice Aaron. Ms. Smith and Ms. Aaron are also founding members of the Changing Spaces Campaign in the United States. They were inspired to start this advocacy because of their own struggles to care for their sons while away from home.

Both women are mothers to sons who have a disability, and have the need for accessible changing spaces.

Both advocates were among those chosen as 2019 Advocates of the Year by Service Provider’s Association for Developmental Disabilities (SPADD) for their work with the Changing Spaces Campaign.

mom and son wheelchair

Advocacy in Georgia

Ms. Smith and Ms. Aaron have worked with their representatives to introduce two bills & a resolution in Georgia. Unfortunately, neither passed. They continue to advocate on a local, state, and federal level, with plans to pursue sponsorship of a new bill. 

Read Georgia's Proposed Bill for Adult Changing Stations: SB125 

Read Georgia's Proposed Resolution for Adult Changing Stations


Adult Changing Table locations in Georgia:

  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Near French Meadow Cafe in Terminal F

  • Columbus Airport in Columbus, GA, one located pre-security, one post-security

  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Center for Advanced Pediatrics, located in family restrooms on all floors

  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Egleston

  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite Hospital 

To view a complete map of all adult size/universal changing tables in the U.S., click the map icon below.

Get Involved!

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Take advantage of our pre-made flyers and form letters to use while advocating.

Online Class

Learn more about the mission of the Changing Spaces Campaign and what we advocate for. We also discuss applicable laws and building codes.

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View where universal changing tables are located across the USA.


Kisha Smith and Candice Aaron

Georgia Chapter Leaders

Changing Spaces Campaign National Organizers

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Candice Aaron

Kisha Smith

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