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Indiana Chapter

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The Indiana Chapter of the Changing Spaces Campaign is led by Advocates Krysta Zygowicz and Leslie Renkens. 


Contact us to join our advocacy efforts in Indiana!

Facebook: Changing Spaces Indiana

Instagram: changing_spaces_indiana

LinkedIn: Changing-Spaces-Indiana

Indiana Chapter Leaders
Krysta Zygowicz

Once I heard about the Changing Spaces campaign, it became clear that I needed to advocate for this. This is personal to me because my son Blake has Sotos syndrome. We have faced challenges not having somewhere to change Blake ever since he a young, because he has always been bigger for his age, which is a symptom of Sotos syndrome. There were often times were I had to change in him in the car, in a stroller, or in my lap. I remember those times and how frustrated and embarrassed I felt as people walked past us while we changed him in the car. I am hoping that we can educate people on this very important issue that effects so many people. 

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Leslie Renkens
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One of my very best friends is a Sotos/Austism mama and advocates for change for her amazing daughter, Sophia. She started Changing Spaces Massachusetts and I’m so proud of her. I’ve learned so much since Jayme started her chapter, and it’s become something I feel a calling to act on. While I don't personally deal with the specific challenge of caring for a loved one with a disability, I am a mom and I am ready to advocate to make our restrooms more accessible so that we can significantly enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities, regardless of their age - along with their families.

Get Involved!

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Take advantage of our pre-made flyers and form letters to use while advocating.

Online Class

Learn more about the mission of the Changing Spaces Campaign and what we advocate for. We also discuss applicable laws and building codes.

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Connect with us on social media and share your story. View up to date information on the latest developments in our campaign. 

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View where universal changing tables are located across the USA.


Leslie Renkens and Krysta Zygowicz 

Indiana Chapter Leaders

Facebook: Changing Spaces Indiana

Instagram: changing_spaces_indiana

LinkedIn: Changing-Spaces-Indiana


Leslie Renkins


Krysta Zygowicz

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