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 Louisiana Chapter


The Louisiana Chapter of the Changing Spaces Campaign is led by Advocate Kristi Medlin Fontenot.


Contact us to join our advocacy efforts in Louisiana! 


Facebook: ChangingSpacesLA

Advocacy in Louisiana

The Louisiana Chapter is led by advocate Kristi Medlin Fontenot. 

Kristi was inspired to start advocating for accessible restrooms with universal changing tables because of her own struggles to care for her twin daughters while away from home.

Kristi has begun by contacting advocacy groups to spread awareness about this issue. She has contacted her representatives in Louisiana, and hopes to secure grant funding for Universal Changing Stations in Louisiana. She also hopes to be considered in the next round of items on the next  legislative agenda.


The lack of dignified, private changing facilities for her daughters while traveling has made this Kristi's mission.


My girls deserve to travel just as much as everyone else and shouldn’t have to stay home because of lack of facilities to be changed when necessary. 

Universal Changing Table Locations in Louisiana:

  • MSY- New Orleans International Airport, two locations of height-adjustable universal changing tables:

    • ​located pre-security in the family restroom adjacent to the TSA security checkpoint

    • located post-security next to the Shake Shack restaurant

We are continually advocating for more tables to be installed. Please advocate for changing tables to be installed in your town, so we can add more to this list!

Please contact us if you know of more changing table locations so we can add to this list.


Kristi Medlin Fontenot

Louisiana Chapter Leader


Facebook: ChangingSpacesLA

Changing spaces Louisiana chapter leader Kristi Medlin Fontenot
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