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 Michigan Chapter

The Michigan Chapter of the Changing Spaces Campaign is led by Advocate Jessica Gomez. 

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Contact us to join our advocacy efforts in Michigan! 


Facebook: ChangingSpacesMI

My name is Jessica Gomez and I lead the Michigan chapter of the nationwide Changing Spaces campaign. I am a proud mother of two incredible little boys, one of which is Liam, who is now 7 years old.


I am advocating for Liam’s Law, which would require adult-sized, height-adjustable changing tables in most public restrooms. This would impact establishments with the capacity to serve 1,500+ persons per day, including hospitals, government buildings, airports, interstate rest stops, schools, zoos, museums, shopping malls, movie theaters and many more.

Since first introducing Liam’s Law into the Michigan House of Representatives in 2020, several of these types of locations have installed an adult-sized changing table on their own volition, or have plans to in the near future. 

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Advocacy In Michigan

Liam's law summary HB5409 Michigan

As a parent and primary caregiver of a child living with special needs, I strongly believe that having access to adult-sized, height-adjustable changing tables in public restrooms would be life changing and eliminate so many barriers for families such as ours.

Universal Changing Table Locations In Michigan

  • Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, MI

  • Fort Mackinac, Mackinac Island State Park, in Women's Restroom

We are continually advocating for more tables to be installed. Please advocate for changing tables to be installed in your town, so we can add more to this list!

Please contact us if you know of more changing table locations so we can add to this list.


Jessica Gomez

Michigan Chapter Leader


Facebook: ChangingSpacesMI

Jessica Gomez michigan chapter leader changing spaces
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