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New York Chapter

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The New York Chapter of the Changing Spaces Campaign is led by Advocates Jacqueline and Anthony Scali. 



Contact us to join our advocacy efforts in New York!

Facebook: Changing Spaces New York

Instagram: changingspacesny

We are Anthony and Jacqueline Scali, parents to a wonderful son and daughter. Our son has global developmental delays and is wheelchair bound, making this mission personal for us. Our interest in Changing Spaces began when we realized the lack of appropriate changing areas for our growing son. We love to go out as a family to zoos, aquariums, sporting events, etc. As our son gets bigger, having a safe and appropriate place to change him is a major issue. We don’t want his disabilities to prevent us from having experiences together as a family and we cannot accept that we, or any family, is unable to do the things they enjoy for this very reason. 


We know we are not the only family in New York facing this problem, which drives us to bring more awareness to this topic and ultimately normalize adult sized changing tables in public facilities.

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Know of A Location With A Universal Changing Table? Tell Us!
inclusive restroom with universal changing table


Jacqueline and Anthony Scali

NY Chapter Leaders

Facebook: Changing Spaces New York

Instagram: changingspacesny

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