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Texas Chapter

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The Texas Chapter of the Changing Spaces Campaign is led by advocates Sonal Divecha, D.O., and Kenny Davis.


Contact us to join our advocacy efforts in Texas!


Facebook: Changing Spaces Texas

Meet Your Chapter Leaders

Sonal Divecha

I am a pediatrician and mom of triplet girls born prematurely at 28 weeks.  One of my girls, Riya, has developmental delay, cerebral palsy and visual impairment among many other diagnoses due to pregnancy complications.  We love to travel as a family, whether it be international or a road trip. It has become increasingly difficult to travel with a teenage child in a wheelchair.  One of the many hurdles is changing her diaper in public places, such as restaurants, airports, department stores and airplanes.  I want to educate the public about the need for adult changing tables in public spaces, not only for Riya but also for the many others in similar situations.  We need to work together as a society to lessen the number of hurdles people with special needs have to endure. 

Kenny Davis

My name is Kenny and the reason I joined the Changing Spaces campaign is it is personal to me. I am an autistic adult and have had incontinence struggles for my whole life. I understand the difficultly in having to change in public even though I don't need a table. I believe that helping people that do need them will help bring change in happiness in families and individuals' lives. This is a basic necessity of life for many people. Hopefully we can bring awareness of these necessities in our community so that it will create a feeling of belonging for all of us.

Get Involved!

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Take advantage of our pre-made flyers and form letters to use while advocating.

Online Class

Learn more about the mission of the Changing Spaces Campaign and what we advocate for. We also discuss applicable laws and building codes.

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Connect with us on social media and share your story. View up to date information on the latest developments in our campaign. 

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View where universal changing tables are located across the USA.


Sonal Divecha, D.O. and Kenny Davis

Texas Chapter Leaders


Facebook: Changing Spaces Texas

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