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West Virginia Chapter

map of west virginia

The West Virginia Chapter of the Changing Spaces Campaign is led by Advocate Allison Williams Bungard.


Contact us to join our advocacy efforts in West Virginia!

Facebook: ChangingSpacesWV

Advocacy in West Virginia

The West Virginia Chapter is led by advocate Allison Williams Bungard.

Allison was inspired to start advocating for accessible restrooms with universal changing tables because of her own struggles to care for her son while away from home.

Allison has contacted the West Virginia airport, local hospitals and medical centers, and other public places to spread awareness about this issue. Contact Allison to see how you can help!

Universal Changing Table Locations in West Virginia:

  • Kanawha County Public Library, Main Branch, Third floor, Summers Street side of building, Fixed-Height Table, Downtown Charleston, WV​

We are continually advocating for more tables to be installed. Please advocate for changing tables to be installed in your town, so we can add more to this list!

Please contact us if you know of more changing table locations so we can add to this list.


Allison Williams Bungard

Facebook: ChangingSpacesWV

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