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Rhode Island Chapter

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The Rhode Island Chapter of the Changing Spaces Campaign is led by advocates Jaelle LaPlante and Diane Silva.

Contact us to join our advocacy efforts in Rhode Island!

Facebook: Changing Spaces Rhode Island

Advocacy in Rhode Island

The Rhode Chapter is led by advocates Diane Silva and Jaelle LaPlante. Diane is the mom of two teenage daughters, Chloe (16) and Ella (13). Ella suffered an AVM rupture and stroke in 2015 at age 5. This injury lead to many surgeries, appointments and continuing therapies. Due to her injuries, Ella needs use of a universal changing table while away from home.

Diane and Jaelle believe individuals with disabilities deserve to be cared for in clean, dignified public restrooms. They have been spreading awareness of this issue and requesting an open discussion about the topic of accessible changing spaces in restrooms. 

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Know of A Location With A Universal Changing Table? Tell Us!
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Jaelle LaPlante and Diane Silva

Facebook: Changing Spaces Rhode Island

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