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Tennessee Chapter

The Tennessee Chapter of the Changing Spaces Campaign is led by advocate Chrissy Hood, with help from advocate Shannon Grimes.

Contact us to join our advocacy efforts in Tennessee! 


Facebook: ChangingSpacesTN

Advocates Chrissy Hood and Shannon Grimes worked together to start the Tennessee chapter of the Changing Spaces Campaign.

They strongly believe that everyone deserves dignity which drives them to advocate for accessible changing stations in their state.

Both women are mothers to children who have a disability, and have the need for accessible changing spaces.

mom with son with cerebral palsy

Advocacy in Tennessee

Tennessee has been leading the campaign nationwide, with many successes at the state level for universal changing stations. Tennessee's legislators included $1,000,000 in its state budget to fund a grant program to pay for 200 tables in businesses and municipal facilities across the state. Additionally, they have committed to installing tables in all rest areas, welcome centers, and state parks by 2030, with the majority installed in the next 2 years. This is by far the most substantial investment in adult changing tables anywhere in the country.

Tennessee Department of Transportation announces installation of adult changing stations in rest stops

Tennessee's Bill for Adult Changing Stations  - passed in June 2022! 

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Amendment 1

Amendment 2

Bill Overview

Joint House Resolution (Parks)

Grant Funding is Available!

The Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities is overseeing a $1 million grant program funded by the Tennessee General Assembly to fund universal changing tables around the state. This grant is available to businesses and municipalities that are open to the public.

Concrete Wall

Get Involved!

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Take advantage of our pre-made flyers and form letters to use while advocating.

Online Class

Learn more about the mission of the Changing Spaces Campaign and what we advocate for. We also discuss applicable laws and building codes.

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Connect with us on social media and share your story. View up to date information on the latest developments in our campaign. 

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View where universal changing tables are located across the USA.


Chrissy Hood

Tennessee Chapter Leader


Facebook: ChangingSpacesTN

Tennessee Changing Spaces Chapter leader Chrissy Hood
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