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Utah Chapter


The Utah Chapter of the Changing Spaces Campaign is led by Advocate Bridgett Farmer.


Contact us to join our advocacy efforts in Utah!

Facebook: Changing Spaces Utah

Instagram: @Changing_Spaces_Utah

Hi my name is Bridgett Farmer. I am the Utah Chapter Lead for the Changing Spaces Campaign. 


I am a wife, mother, advocate , and I have a medically complex daughter. 


Mila is 4 years old , Autistic , nonspeaking , and has a rare neurological genetic disorder called METTL23. Because of Mila’s medical diagnoses she isn’t potty trained and requires assistance . Mila has outgrown the baby changing tables that are located in public restrooms. 


The state of Utah unfortunately does not have legislation in place requiring public places to require Adult Changing Stations.


We need to change the narrative. Mila and many other Utah residents with disabilities deserve dignity and to be off of the floor . 

Unfortunately, many people with disabilities cannot use a standard handicapped restroom, even with assistance. Many people that use incontinence products need to lay down to be cleaned properly. Some individuals can use the toilet independently with the use of a lift and sling. Oftentimes, disabled adults need two caregivers to assist them, and many standard sized restrooms are too small.


It is a common misunderstanding that our disabled population makes up a very small percentage of people.

Without an accessible restroom with a height adjustable adult sized changing table, patrons are forced to change their loved ones on dirty public bathroom floors. This is inhumane and causes a high risk of illness due to unsanitary conditions. Without the proper adaptive equipment, there is an increased risk of injury to the caregiver and the individual needing assistance. This ultimately causes liability risks to the owner/venue.


It is my hope that we can spread awareness, advocate , connect , educate ,  and introduce legislation in the state of Utah. 

Contact Bridgett to get involved making change in Utah!

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View where universal changing tables are located across the USA.


Bridgett Farmer

Utah Chapter Leader

Facebook: Changing Spaces Utah

Instagram: @Changing_Spaces_Utah

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