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Virginia and 
Washington DC Chapter

Washington DC

The Virginia and Washington D.C. Chapter of the Changing Spaces Campaign is led by Advocate Justin Boatner.

Contact us to join our advocacy efforts in Virginia and Washington DC! 

Facebook: Changing Spaces Virginia/DC Chapter

Advocacy in Virginia and Washington DC

The Virginia and Washington DC Chapter is led by advocate Justin Boatner.

Justin was inspired to start advocating for accessible restrooms with universal changing tables as a natural extension of his broader work advocating for disabled individuals in his state. Justin has a disability, but he does not let that stop him. He is an active athlete and is a member of the Arlington Democratic Disability Caucus.

Justin has contacted advocacy groups and his state representatives to spread awareness about this issue. He hopes to secure backing from one of his representatives to pass a bill requiring adult size changing tables in his state. Reach our to Justin to find out how you can support his efforts in Virginia and DC!

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Know of A Location With A Universal Changing Table? Tell Us!
inclusive restroom with universal changing table


Justin Boatner 

Virginia & Washington DC Chapter Leader

Facebook: Changing Spaces Virginia/DC Chapter

Changing spaces virginia and washington dc chapter leader Justin Boatner
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