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Live with a Cognitive Disability 

16 Million Americans

in the USA need help with daily self-care 

Over 8 Million people

Over 20 Million

Have Limited Mobility

100% of these individuals deserve Inclusion, Dignity, and Respect.

These individuals are currently EXCLUDED from society due to a lack of accessible restrooms with
Height-Adjustable Adult Size Changing Tables.

 BREAK DOWN BARRIERS in your community by installing inclusive restroom facilities
Universal Changing Stations.

Adult Changing table at LAX airport

Who We Are

The Changing Spaces Campaign is a network of advocates bringing awareness to the need for Adjustable-Height Universal Changing Tables in public family restrooms.

Our Mission

To promote community inclusion, access, and equality for individuals with disabilities who cannot safely utilize standard handicapped accessible restrooms.

Many individuals living with disabilities and medical conditions do not have access to a safe, private, and dignified place to utilize the restroom in public. Baby changing tables are too small for older children and adults, but universally-designed changing tables accommodate everyone. Volunteers across the U.S. joined together to create change and make our communities more inclusive and accessible for all.


Click the pin on your state to find your Changing Spaces Campaign Chapter. 

Map of the United States

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